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Halloween: Costumes and other Treats

SchifferPub1-1.gif (25214 bytes)Take a trip down memory lane with this book, by Stuart Schneider, as it chronicles the history of Halloween in the 20th century through the evolution of related costumes, Jack O’lanterns, decorations, candy containers, and other treats. One could easily view 20th-century Halloween costumes as being a road map through popular cultural history--they reflect fads, television, space exploration, movies, comics, and personalities that shaped the past hundred years. Historians, collectors of Halloween items, and students of popular culture will find this book offers delightful insight into the styles, variety, and current values of ever-popular Halloween gear. The 160 color pages of costumes will definitly bring back memories to Halloween lovers of all ages. You'll find this book and more Halloween collectable books at Schiffer Publishing. Do a search under "Halloween" and you'll come up with a large selection of informative books to choose from.

The Do-It-Yourself Haunted House Guide - Michael Tucker
In seven chapters of practical haunting, this guide teaches the average person what it takes to organize, build, and operate their very own successful haunted house fundraiser...on a realistic level!

This "how to" guide is unique among similar books on the market considering that it's based on the actual experiences of a working haunted house and specifically teaches the reader how to profit from their event! You'll see how to start haunting today without spending a dime of own your money!

The Do It Yourself Haunted House Guide is GREAT for schools, hospitals, sports teams, fire departments, civic clubs, churches, and anyone else in search of the perfect fundraiser! Earn money for your worthwhile cause, OR simply pocket the cash yourself! Regardless of your purpose, this Guide will carry you through many haunted house projects to come!
Available only at The Haunt Guide
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Dick Smith's Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-up
Dick Smith shares his professional secrets and shows how to design some of the most fantastic creatures imaginable using commonly available materials. Dick Smith's Do-It-Yourself Monster Make-Up is an easy-to-follow guide to transforming yourself into 15 terrifically terrifying monsters. Accompanied by photographs illustrating every step of the process, you'll start off with easier makeup's, such as vampires, ghouls, and werewolves, and work your way up to the more advanced techniques involved in creating Quasimodo or a new variation on the Frankenstein monster.

Available from the Makeup Artist Magazine Online Store.
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This book is one of the first and still one of the better books on prosthetic laboratory techniques in make-up. Sections include the making and breakdown of a life mask, three-piece molds, full head and hand casting, modeling and modeling tools, modeling and casting both small and large pieces, foam latex, making teeth and ears, undercuts - cutting edge - overflow, and much more. By Lee Baygan.

Available from the Makeup Artist Magazine Online Store.

3D Makeup

Tom's learn-by-example guides to special make-up effects, with photos from his films. Grande Illusions covers Day of the Dead, Friday the 13th, Creepshow II and many more. Book II has pictures of all of Savini’s latest creations.

Available from the Makeup Artist Magazine Online Store.

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If you've read Tom's first book, Grande Illusions, you have an idea what to expect. Book II has pictures of all of Savini’s latest creations.

Available from the Makeup Artist Magazine Online Store.

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Special Make-up Effects by Vincent Kehoe

This book is dedicated to special makeup effects as seen in many movies such as Beetlejuice, American Werewolf in London, Planet of the Apes and many more. Chapters include Make-Up Products and the kit, Special and Popular Characters, Special Effects, Casting and Molding, and Latex and Plastic Appliances. By Vincent Kehoe. ISBN 0-240-80099-0

Available from the Makeup Artist Magazine Online Store.

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