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Our Thirteen Days of Halloween traditions is our way of beginning the haunting season and jump start our Halloween mind-set.

On October 17th Wraith and I decorate both the backyard of the house. Several dozens candles are arraigned around the backyard, pumpkin scented incense is lit to fill the air with the wonderful aromas of the Halloween season. A large circle is made from plaster skulls (80) with an old stump in the center to act as the altar. Sitting on the altar is a large Jack o' Lantern. A long picnic table, painted black and orange waits with apple cider, freshly baked pumpkin pie and other refreshments. Orange plates, glasses and plastic-ware are provided. Try our Recommended Halloween Retailer for table settings.

Our group, made up of thirteen Halloween enthusiasts assemble at our house at 11:30 pm. All come dressed in black robes, and each has a small pumpkin carved into a Jack o' Lantern for this occasion. Wraith and I stand on opposite sides of our gate and as each member arrives we great them. "Welcome (NAME), child of the Halloween spirit." until the last person had arrived.

Just before midnight, everyone lights a candle and puts it in their jack-o-lantern. Silently, we all move into the circle. At Midnight we play a tape of Big Ben chiming twelve.


I welcome in October and the thriteen days of Halloween then say a few words about what lies in the haunting time ahead. We go around the circle and each person says something about the upcoming celebration.

Then we form a single line and walk around one or two city blocks, wearing our black robes and carrying our lit jack-o-lanterns to the graveyard.

When we return, we reform our circle and then I say a few more words and put on a tape of Danse Macabre. We all "frolic", i.e. we dance around the circle, kicking up our heels and singing silly words to Halloween songs.

We then call the official ceremony to a close and we put on Halloween music and party with pumpkin pie and a variety of Halloween treats, all of which are surprisingly easy to find even a full month before Hallowe'en.

And so begins The Thirteen Days of Halloween



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