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Are You A Good Witch?

Object of the Game: This game uses "ESP" to determine the color of the colored spots on bats.

What You Do: Get a plastic witch's cauldron like the kind used to put candy in for Halloween. Get all the players to sit in a circle and place the cauldron in the center of the circle. Choose a player to be the "witch", get a witches pointy hat to let them wear while they are "witch".

You'll need some plastic or rubber bats, there should have one less bat than the number of players you have. If you have 6 players, use 5 bats. Before the game take the plastic bats and color or paint a spot on the bottom of each which is not visible from the top. Use two different colors so some are one color and some are another, like blue and white. Put the bats, marks face down, into the cauldron. Pass the cauldron around and everyone chooses a bat without letting the "witch" see the color on the bottom. The "witch" sits in the middle and  tries to guess the color of each player's bat's spot. As the "witch" goes from player to player, they get help from the bat holders, who try to tell them psychically "see" their color. Have each player, when it is their turn, think hard about the color (like "blue, blue, blue"). After the "witch" guesses, right or wrong, the bat holder reveals their color to the "witch". Someone will be sitting nearby to add up the number of rights. When each "witch" gets to the end, the next person gets a turn as "witch".  When each player has had their turn at being the "witch", the player who has the most powerful ESP and got the most right is the winner.

What You Need: Witch's cauldron, plastic or rubber bats, paint or markers, pencil and paper.



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