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The Tell-Tale Tale

Object of the Game: Send scary messages around the circle and listen to the funny way they change from person to person!

What You Do: The larger the group for this game, the better. Get everyone to sit in a large circle or so each person is about an arms length apart and can pas this along easily. Have one person pre-picked to start the game and start the original message going. Have the "originator" whisper a short scary message into the ear of the person sitting to the right of them. They are only allowed to whisper the message one time. That person then whispers it to the person on their right, on down the line.   When the message reaches the person sitting to the left of the "originator" or at the end of the line, the message is spoken aloud. The original message seldom arrives at the end in the same form that it started. Start the game again using the person to the right of the originating story teller. It's usually a very funny game, seeing how distorted the message became while it traveled around the circle or down the line.

Tip: Toungue twisters are great for this game.

Some messages to use:

"Jack-O-Lanterns used to be carved from turnips. They held a lump of coal instead of a candle."

"The ghastly, greedy, green ghost got on the gray grave and groaned greatly."

"Peter Pumpkin picked a peck of pretty pumpkins. If Peter Pumpkin picked a peck of pretty pumpkins, how many pretty pumpkins did Peter Pumpkin pick?"

"Scary Sherry sells scaby skeletons to squirmy, scaly snickering snakes."

What You Need: Nothing but people and a short message. Make it something scary for this game during Halloween.



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