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Find the Pumpkins

Object of the Game: Find all the hidden pumpkins, the person who finds the most  points wins.

What To Do:  Buy ten white miniature pumpkins, ten orange miniature pumpkins, and ten miniature gourds. You can also use construction paper and cut out the same making ten orange, ten yellow and ten white pumpkins.  Using a black marker, draw  funny faces on each pumpkin and gourd. Write the number 1 on the backs of the white pumpkins. Write the number 5 on the backs of the orange pumpkins. Write the number 10 on the backs of the gourds (or yellow paper pumpkins). Hide them in your yard or house, wherever the party is being held. Then instruct the guests to find as many of the pumpkins and gourds before you say "Stop!"  When they are done, everyone adds up the number and the one with the most points wins.

What You Need:
10 miniature white pumpkins
10 miniature orange pumpkins
10 miniature gourds

or: yellow, white and orange construction paper & scissors

Black felt tip marker



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