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Make A Mummy

Object of the Game: The first team to wrap thier mumy wins!

What You Do: Here's the classic bridal shower "Toilet Paper Bride" game changed around for Halloween and kids. Divide the kids into smaller groups, four kids a group id usually good,, one for the mummy, three to wrap.  The object is for each group to wrap thier mummy faster than the other groups but doing a good job. You can have a winner for the best mummy or a race for the fastest mummy wrapped, or no winner at all. To organize it a bit, try letting each group draw jobs, one child might pick the mummy slip of paper, one gets wrapper, etc. You can also break this down further to give each child a job like wrapping arms and legs, one wraps the torso,etc. The first group to get thier mummy wrapped wins the game but make it a rule that they have to wrap nicely. Keep the eyes, mouth and nose uncovered,  don't throw the T.P. around the room. This game works better with older, more behaved kids.

What You Need: Lots of toilet paper. Try loooking at a supply store like Smart & Final or a dollar store since you'll need about three rolls per group.



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