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Scary Objects - A Memory Game

Object of the Game: This game will test each players memory of what they see on a tray full of objects for a short time.

What You Do: Using about 20 to 25 different Halloween related items, such as rubber bats, spiders, skulls, ghosts,etc. and place a few of them on a tray.  Cover it with a cloth. Give each player a paper and pencil. Players sit in a circle around the tray and the cloth is removed for 60 seconds. When the time is up, replace the cloth. The players write down everything they can remember seeing on the tray. The person that gets the most items is the winner. You can keep the game going by having more items to add to the tray. Remove a few of the beginning items and add some new ones.

What You Need: A tray , a cloth that covers it, 20-25 small Halloween related objects, pencils and paper. (You can find all kinds of small, inexpensive Halloween trinkets that are great for this game.)



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