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Make A Halloween Scene

Object: Make the most scary scene that you can with your props. This is a good game for an adult party, not kids.

What You Do: Use either two plastic skeletons or two mannequins. Take them apart in but keep them in separate piles.  Pick an area in your yard for building the scenes.  Have a box of props such as fake knives, hatchets, costumes and wigs, and a makeup selection like fake blood, white, black and green grease paint. Put different things in each box so each team has something different to work with. Divide your guests into two teams. Set a time limit, let the teams go and start timing.  The goal is to see who can put together the scariest scene using what they have.

What You Need: Old clothes, plastic skeletons, mannequins, body parts, Halloween make-up, fake blood, fake knives, fake hatchets,  anything that you can think of to throw into the boxes that will be handy for this game. Be creative!



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