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Living Dead Dolls

Just when you thought it was safe to play with dolls ... think again!

The Living Dead Dolls Family
Damien, Eggzorcist (Retired), Sin, Posey & Sadie

These are the coolest dolls that we have come across ..... ever!! They come cleverly packages in coffins, are10" tall and fully poseable with rooted hair, have cute deadly little accessories like knives and pitch forks and are the most ghoulishly adorable little dolls you have ever seen! Available from Mezco Toyz and created by Ed Long and Damien Glonek.

Damien comes with books and a sling shot. Eggzorcist came with a cute bunny suit and basket. She has been retired and is no longer available so if you have one, hang on to it!! Sin comes with a pitch fork, Sadie with a coffin purse and bloody knife, and Posey is so bloody adorable with her gown and bloody rose! Each doll comes in their own collectible coffin, and each includes a death certificate.

Newest collectable dolls to the group are the Died & Doom dolls and available only through Tower Records. The rest of the family can be found at stores such as Hot Topic, Suncoast Video as well as Tower.

Check out their website at: www.livingdeaddolls.com

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