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The Dark Crystal - Jen and Kira

The Dark Crystal - Kira & Jen

Henson's first fully-animatronic feature film The Dark Crystal is a classic tale of good, embodied by the peaceful "Mystics," and evil, represented by the oppressive "Skeksis". The film's central characters are Jen and Kira, the last two living "Gelflings". Together, they must replace the Crystal's missing shard in order to restore harmony to their world, a land of enchanted flora and fauna. Jim Henson and Frank Oz directed The Dark Crystal (1982), which was based on the drawings of Brian Froud.

The 12" tall Kira figure comes with her companion Fizzgig. The 12" tall Jen figures comes with his flute and crystal shard. Both figures are fully articulated and of outstanding quality. Figures sold as a set only.

Shipping begins April 5th 2002
$80.00 per set

This set is being manufactured as a limited edition of 7,500 sets.

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