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EvilDead_HailtotheKing_Cover.jpg (9899 bytes)EvilDead-1.jpg (9151 bytes)For anyone that loves scary movies, the "Evil Dead" trilogy is an all time great, so we were waiting with great anticipation for the PC version and we weren't let down.

Based on the movie trilogy starring Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead: Hail to the King features a mixture of action, puzzles, and suspense. Set eight years after the third film, Evil Dead: Army of Darkness, you are Ash, who has returned to that dreaded cabin in the woods. Initially armed with your trusty chain saw and an ax, you're back to face the forces of evil in a variety of dark settings such as the cabin, cellar, and bridge.

EvilDead-2.jpg (8820 bytes)True to the film, gameplay includes lots of gore, suspense, and traditional Ash (Bruce Campbell) humor, who did the voice-over for some humorous one-liners.

The game reminded us of Resident Evil. You rotate through some really great angles that makes the game very creepy. The graphics are well done right down to the blood dripping off the Ash's chain saw.

The combination of the sound effects and some great background textures set a very eerie mood with curtains that move in the breeze, leaves rustling along the woods edge, and ominous shadows.

EvilDead-3.jpg (8448 bytes)Weapons include a chain saw, ax, double-barreled shotgun (boomstick), rifle and more. And an exclusive combat feature allows you to attack separately with weapons in each hand, and you'll need them to fight off the over twenty different "Deadite" enemies.

Minor complaints: The user interface could be better, but is functional. Also, you can only save the game at certain places and then only when in possession of a special object. Resident Evil is the same way.

We were very pleased with the game and I'm sure we'll be spending far to much time playing it!

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